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Our capabilities

Hotel Property Owners turn to

Pimlico Asset Management for guidance in ensuring

long-term sustainable growth of their Hotel portfolios

at every stage throughout its lifecycle  

What does Pimlico bring along

You work with a sparring partner to bring the best to you with practical and enduring solutions.

To improve return on your property investment, we bring hospitality and real estate insight, benchmarking, problem-solving methodologies and critical hands-on experience.


Hotel  Asset Management demand deep knowledge of the property market, understanding of the needs and financial requirements of owners, debtors and expectations of operators to counterbalance objectives and limit divergence among all parties.

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Turning strategy into execution and results

Our goal is to provide a fact-based consulting services to help you to tackle all aspects of your corporate strategy to strengthen business performance.


Hotel owners turn to Pimlico Asset Management for guidance in ensuring long term sustainable growth of their hotel portfolios.


We bring hospitality insight, benchmarking, problem-solving methodologies and hands on experience to improve return on your hotel investment.

Making the right investment decisions every day

Pimlico offers a tailored, 360° approach utilising local experts with an international reach on:


Acquisition due diligence Advisory through the investment process (buy side).


Disposition/recycling capital with a structured methodology and direct access to capital markets (sell side).

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Delivering a strong ROI with analytics

Pimlico provides a comprehensive approach during the investment life-cycle and takes assertive position and management role as owners' representative.


To enhance overall investment returns, we conduct an initial diagnostic review to serve as a basis for the ongoing role. We ensure the dynamic alignment of your asset with the prevailing market environment, as well as planning and execution of capital investment.


We also develop a detailed Asset Management Plan, wisely aligned with your corporate objectives and strategic business initiatives.

Assessing the quality of your Hotel Management Agreement

We work closely with you to assess your business and legal requirements in order to source the most suitable operator/brand and negotiate the best terms.

We are able to provide a deep analysis of alternatives to maximise asset values.

We also provide a detailed assessment of your agreement to ensure Ownership will  have the benefit of best practice.

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Managing debt services to reduce costs and risks

By acting independently, Pimlico advise on debt sourcing to assist in the financing and refinancing for assets and portfolios across all asset classes.


We have access to lending sources to improve capital pricing, restructure loans and reduce risks.